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Nutritional support for horses

Nutritional support can be an important addition to your horse’s diet. There are various nutritional support products developed for specific conditions and purposes, such as lean muscle development, joint function, gastric health, and hoof integrity. Nutraceuticals are a specific type of nutritional support product containing a natural ingredient that possesses pharmaceutical properties and can potentially help treat or prevent diseases.

Quality nutritional supplement

The following are general features to look for when choosing a quality nutritional supplement for your horse:

A company or brand name that you recognize

and that provides educational resources

Clinical experience

that supports the safety and efficacy of the product

list of ingredients

clearly stated on the label

Administration recommendations

clearly stated on the label

Lot number and expiration date

clearly stated on the label

Manufacturer information

so you can get in touch if you have a question

Talk with your veterinarian

Talk with your veterinarian when thinking about including nutritional support products in your horse’s diet. Depending on your horse’s discipline, age, and medical history, your veterinarian may recommend specific ingredients or products. Your veterinarian may also be able to offer nutraceutical products that are not available in feed or tack stores.

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