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Equine asthma

Equine asthma

Why do horses cough?

There are many reasons your horse may be coughing—from mild irritation to allergies or even an infection. But the most common reason that horses cough is because they have asthma.

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What are the characteristic signs of Cushing’s Disease in horses?

Cushing’s Disease is actually now referred to as “PPID.” It’s the most common hormonal disorder in horses. Learn more about the signs and symptoms you should look for if you think your horse may have PPID.

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What is the most common cause of laminitis in horses?

Hormonal disorders are the most common cause of laminitis in horses. Notably, PPID is associated with an increased risk of this severe and painful inflammatory condition of the hoof. Learn about the signs you can look for to detect laminitis.

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Joint health

Joint health

How can I care for my horse’s joints?

Although there is no cure for equine osteoarthritis, treatment can help to minimize and control symptoms, helping to prolong your horse’s athletic function and lifespan. Learn more about the symptoms of osteoarthritis and how you can treat it.

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How can we help you care for your horse?

By providing detailed information that answers your horse health questions, as well as an extensive line of horse care products.


Vaccination can protect your horse against many infectious diseases.

Learn about the different diseases vaccination can prevent, how to identify risk factors in your horse’s environment, and when to vaccinate your horse as part of a vaccination schedule that corresponds to your horse’s unique environment and activities.

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Understanding horse worms is vital in developing an effective deworming strategy.

Internal parasites, or worms, are a regular occurrence in horses. Learn about how to identify them, where they come from, and how often you should treat your horse.

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Formerly known as Equine Cushing’s Disease, PPID is a common hormonal disorder in aged horses.

Signs of PPID are often missed. Find out how this disease develops, what symptoms to watch for, and how to treat your horse following diagnosis.

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Stomach Ulcers

Gastric ulcers can be a problem for all horses.

The signs of stomach ulcers can be subtle and non-specific. Learn about what causes ulcers, different signs you can look out for if you suspect an ulcer, and how to develop a treatment plan.

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Equine asthma

Asthma is the most common cause of cough in horses.

Equine asthma—sometimes also called heaves, recurrent airway obstruction (RAO), or inflammatory airway disease (IAD)—is extremely common in horses, but can often go undetected. Coughing is the most common sign of equine asthma. Learn all the signs and symptoms of equine asthma and how to help control and manage this disease.

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Joint Health

When inflammation leads to synovitis, what are the options?

No matter if you use your horse for show jumping or trail riding, maintaining healthy joints is essential. Learn about joint structure and function, how to detect the inflammation that leads to synovitis, and the available treatment options.

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Nutritional Support

Complementary care that’s tailored to your horse’s needs.

Whether focusing on maintenance, growth, performance, training, or rehabilitation, your horse’s condition and activities have an effect on his nutritional needs. Nutritional support can be part of the winning formula.

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Discover our portfolio of healthcare solutions to keep your horse healthy and happy

VETERA<sup>®</sup> | CALVENZA<sup>®</sup> | POTOMAVAC<sup>™</sup> | Imrab<sup>®</sup> VETERA<sup>®</sup> | CALVENZA<sup>®</sup> | POTOMAVAC<sup>™</sup> | Imrab<sup>®</sup>


Protection makes sense for every horse

Vaccination is one of the best and most cost-effective methods to prevent many infectious diseases in horses. Our vaccine portfolio offers unsurpassed protection, including against the latest flu strains.

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Eqvalan<sup>®</sup> Gold Eqvalan<sup>®</sup> Gold

Eqvalan® Gold

A one-two punch to gut parasites and worms

A successful deworming program starts with a plan. Proven protection against more parasites: Eqvalan® Gold combines two powerful ingredients to target 63 species and stages of equine parasites, including equine tapeworms.

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Equitop<sup>®</sup> Equitop<sup>®</sup>


Nutritional support to keep them in their stride

Are nutritional deficiencies affecting your horse’s activities? Equitop® offers a portfolio of tailored nutritional support products specially developed to promote joint function, healthy stomach, and muscle development.

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Care tailored to your horse

For over 100 years, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health has been helping veterinarians and horse owners prevent and treat equine diseases. Whether caring for a champion thoroughbred or a child’s pony, veterinarians and horse owners can rely on our portfolio of equine vaccines, dewormers, pharmaceuticals, and nutritional support products.